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IPhone Electrocutes Man, 32, To Death


A man was electrocuted in his bath while resting his Iphone attached to an extension on his chest. Richard Bull, 32, is believed to have plugged the charger into an extension cord from the hallway and then rested it on his chest while using the phone when preparing to visit his family.

Suffering severe burns on this chest, arm and hand when part of his phone touched the water. He was discovered by his wife when she returned home and first thought he had been attacked because his injuries were so severe.

His brother Andrew said: “We can all be careless at times.  You don’t think there is enough electricity to do this, but there is. “It was such a needless and tragic accident.”

His devastated mother could only say “I worry so many people, and especially teenagers who can’t be separated from their phones, don’t know how dangerous it is.”




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