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Bullies Leave 1-Inch Nail In Boy’s Head (Photo)

An autistic boy was left with a one inch nail embedded in the back of his head after he was attacked by a group of “bullies” on his way home from school.

Nine-year-old Romeo Smith required hospital treatment after a block of wood was left hanging from his head.

His mother Natasha, 30, said she had been walking with Romeo towards their home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, when the attack happened.

“Romeo had lagged slightly behind,” she said.

“It’s usual for him to trail behind me a bit, he does it a lot because of his autism and it’s something I’m used to him doing.

“He likes to stop and look at things. So I was ahead of him slightly.”

After returning home she realised Romeo was not close behind her and sent out his father, Craig, to look for him.

Romeo was prescribed a course of antibiotics to prevent infection (SWNS)
A hospital bag showing the block of wood and protruding nail (SWNS)

Romeo was found up a tree while three boys holding sticks taunted him, his mother said.

Romeo and Mr Smith then began to walk home when the one of the boys threw a plank of wood.

Pictures of Romeo after the attack showed the block hanging from the back of his head by a nail.

Romeo with his mother, Natasha (SWNS)

He was treated with antibiotics and sent home by doctors.

“He is a very lucky little boy because it could have been more serious,” his mother said.


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