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Monibox Is Fraud… Yahoo Boys Use Ponzi Scheme To Rake Millions

Group of fraudsters otherwise called “Yahoo Boys” are out to dupe innocent Nigerians of huge sums of money. These Yahoo boys set up the replica of the failed #MMM money links with the aim of defrauding gullible Nigerian Citizens of cash. Traffic on the site is massive as Nigerians flood it to pay money in hoping to be paired with invincible persons, so it seems, that will automatically double their money. A funny scenario is fast springing up as the money doublers are nowhere in sight to be paired up with expectant Nigerians.

Gathered from a reliable source which prompted this report that a certain married woman who fell for the antics of the Moniboxffice experts gambled her children school fees and has now joined millions of Nigerians in the shouts of “I have not been paired” is now having marital issues since moniboxoffce has refused to match her to a person that will double her money. Drop 20 get 40 under 3-7 working days, so tempting for the greedy ones who are covetous.

These Internet Fraudsters are said to have raked nothing less than #400 million from unsuspecting Nigerians. The Moniboxoffice have no contact address and it’s obvious it’s a scam, daylight robbery of the highest order judging from the rate at which people drop their money. The government using its relevant arms of authority such as the Directorate of State Security, DSS to look into this case before it spreads like wildfire becoming impossible to curb. This is the same way MMM started out.

Irregular practices and Financial crimes against citizens should be nipped in the bud urgently.. Hence the popular slogan,” Nigerians Shine your Eyes.

-Emem Ojo


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