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Apostle Suleiman/Stephanie Otobo: Gboyega Akosile’s Opinion

I don’t care about what two adults do with each other behind the closed doors, neither do I like talking about issues of morality when it comes to man-woman relationships. Those who I relate with, can attest to this because, like my late father would say “what do you do when a man who allegedly sleeps with your wife and swears in God’s name that he didn’t do it, whereas there is a witness to the unholy act, who insists that it happened?” Will you invite God to come and testify or what? You certainly have limited options. That’s why it is difficult to dabble into man-woman affairs especially when it comes to sexual matters. Am disturbed by some commentaries of some highly placed individuals who have taken it upon themselves to be the judge, jury, plaintiff and defendant in the Apostle Johnson Suleiman and his alleged estranged mistress, Stephanie Otobo’s infidelity allegation matter.

Personally, I have seen a lot in man-woman relationships- be it among pastors, imams and non-religious people too. These different categories of people are my friends so don’t think am just trying to score a point here! Things usually end up badly when a man is involved with a woman that’s not his wife and without any intention of making her one! Mark my words, it will end in a mess.

The raging issue over who the saint is and who the devil is between Apostle Suleiman and Stephanie Otobo is highly unnecessary, what many of our respected lawyers and commentators have written is passing a Judgment and hanging the accused without a proper trial. Some have called for the head of Suleiman while others, majority of who are already preparing Otobo for the guillotine!

This is uncalled for as some pertinent questions keep coming up in my head. Perhaps answers to these questions will help to calm frayed nerves.

  1. Does Apostle Suleiman know Stephanie Otobo? Yes or No?
    2. Does Mrs. Suleiman know Stephanie Otobo?
    3. Did Suleiman ever have any relationship with Stephanie Otobo?
    4. Does Mrs Suleiman know about this relationship?
    5. Did Suleiman ever give Stephanie money?
    6. If he ever did, what was the money meant for?
    Until we’re able to answer some of these questions, we’d just be going round in circles.

Let’s not hang or absolve any of these two yet. I had a pastor friend who once impregnated a lady in his church. My friend, a married man and a “man of God” was confused because he was pastor of one of Nigeria’s leading Pentecostal churches, Ikeja parish. In the he managed to convince the lady to have an abortion after paying her a lot of money. These things happen so let’s wait a little before we pass judgment on either Suleiman or Stephanie.
Please, don’t hang anyone of the two actors. Let Mr. Suleiman not waste further time. He should proceed to court immediately and file a suit against the Otobo lady. Stop this media war, go to court and clear your for failure to do that will leave some of us with a very serious doubt about your purity.


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One Response to “Apostle Suleiman/Stephanie Otobo: Gboyega Akosile’s Opinion”

  1. Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I will attempt to provide some answers to Mr. Akosile’s posers. Like myself I hardly get involved with what A does to B in sexual matters, whether the parties are married or not. I just know that when the relationship is not fulfilled an aggrieved party will cry out. It is widely accepted that the average woman will never admit to a sexual relationship unless it did happen.
    Apostle Suleman has already admitted sending money to Miss. Otobo in Canada on many occasions. This would be His churches funds and not his personal salary. There may be questions as to why this lady in Canada and not the faithful members in Nigeria who should be getting this financial assistance.
    Apostle Suleiman has admitted to visiting Canada on at least one occasion where he was acquainted with Stephanie over the phone. So how often has he been back to Canada? His congregants in Canada can provide the answers.
    Mrs. Suleman in her recent eloquent video defence of her husband said her husband is generous and would give money to anyone. So she does not need to know Stephanie. Stephanie is one of thousands of people helped by her husband.
    Apostle Suleiman need not go to court to redeem his image. It is taking a knocking already. All he needs is to give it time and the matter will blow over. Stephanie would run out of money to keep on pursuing Apostle Suleiman. She would return to Canada and pick up her life again. Her attempt to make money from blackmail would have worked in Canada, but here our men and the judges in our Courts in Nigeria will make mockery at her attempt to rubbish the well connected and financially equipped man of God. All he needs to do is repent in private to God andvmaybe Mrs. Suleiman and matters are closed. Shikena.

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