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Fulani Herdsmen Supporter, Tukur’s Uncomplimentary Statement Thumbed Down By Famakinwa

Since the menace of Fulani herdsmen has become a global attention, one of the legal luminaries who has been constantly using his social media platforms to condemned the dastardly acts of the Fulanis is the UK based Barrister Olawole Michael Famakinwa.

First, Famakinwa thumbed down the idea of these killers called herdsmen the idea of them roaming about the ranch with lethal weapons. If truly something is not wrong with our security such an act wouldn’t be paraded at all in a sane society. It is very illegal to carry lethal weapons without a license signed by the Inspector General of police who is a representative of the president in security matters of the country.

Here is Famakinwa’s post and concern over state of the nation, Nigeria.

“Earlier today I watched “This Morning” on TVC anchored by the very affable Mr Yori Folarin. The topic was the Benue massacre by Fulani herdsmen. In attendance were a lawyer, journalist and a Fulani man named Mr. Tukur.

Mr. Tukur opened the discussion by saying if anyone attacks the Fulani, they would withdraw; send kola to their compatriots and return to decimate their alleged attackers. He was very calm and nonchalant in saying that not even a chicken will remain when the Fulani come to extract vengeance.

Mr. Folarin the host was barely restrained when he considered the response as highly arrogant in these times. He went further to ask Mr. Tukur that if this was a Fulani propensity and proclivity, then our President a Fulani must know of this inherent Evil trait.

I wish to state here that Mr. Tukur’s comments were arrant nonsense and capable of stirring civil unrest. How can Mr. Tukur on daytime TV justify the taking of another human life by his kinsmen. They do not have the preserve and monopoly on violence and the weapons to inflict such terror.

Ordinarily I had expected that he would condemn the conduct under discussion. Not justify and evaluate the heinous conduct.

I condemn Mr Tukur’s outburst and wonder when the SSS or DSS would invite him to explain his inciting statements. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did not say as much before he was hounded out of town

Mr. Tukur and his tribesmen are not above the law.

What do you think?”


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